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Film horror

  • 2024
    No Way Up streaming

    No Way Up (2024)

    No Way Up


    Characters from different backgrounds are thrown together when the plane they're travelling on crashes into the Pacific Ocean. A nightmare fight for survival ensues with the air supply running out and dangers creeping in from all sides.

    No Way Up streaming ITA
  • 2023
    Skal - Fight for Survival streaming

    Skal - Fight for Survival (2023)

    Skal - Fight for Survival


    My name's Arthur, a huge Internet star who's just hit 3 million subs. While in the midst of throwing an epic party to celebrate, the universe had the balls to bring on the effing apocalypse and cut my night short. What was supposed to be a perfect hangover, has turned into an epic fight for...

    Skal - Fight for Survival streaming ITA
  • 2023
    Meg 2: The Trench streaming

    Meg 2: The Trench (2023)

    Meg 2: The Trench


    An exploratory dive into the deepest depths of the ocean of a daring research team spirals into chaos when a malevolent mining operation threatens their mission and forces them into a high-stakes battle for survival.

    Meg 2: The Trench streaming ITA
  • 2024
    Cult Killer streaming

    Cult Killer (2024)

    Cult Killer


    A private investigator is forced into a dangerous alliance with a killer in order to uncover a quiet town’s grisly criminal underbelly and clear the name of her mentor, who is implicated in the crimes.

    Cult Killer streaming ITA
  • 2021
    While We Sleep streaming

    While We Sleep (2021)

    While We Sleep


    After observing a hauntingly familiar abnormal CAT scan of a 13 year old girl, radiologist Nina Evanko battles to find the source of the young girl's sleeping disorder. What she discovers is darker and stranger than she could have imagined.

    While We Sleep streaming ITA
  • 2023
    Godzilla Minus One streaming

    Godzilla Minus One (2023)

    Godzilla Minus One


    Postwar Japan is at its lowest point when a new crisis emerges in the form of a giant monster, baptized in the horrific power of the atomic bomb.

    Godzilla Minus One streaming ITA
  • 2022
    Before Night Falls streaming

    Before Night Falls (2022)

    Before Night Falls


    A reporter and his cameraman investigate Nina, a young woman who is in pasung because she has a mental disorder that turns out to be something mystical.

    Before Night Falls streaming ITA
  • 2019
    The Farm streaming

    The Farm (2019)

    The Farm


    A young couple gets kidnapped and treated like farm animals after stopping at a roadside diner to eat meat.

    The Farm streaming ITA
  • 2023
    The Forbidden Play streaming

    The Forbidden Play (2023)

    The Forbidden Play


    Naoto Ihara lives happily with his wife Miyuki and their son Haruto. Their happiness is crushed when Miyuki suddenly dies in a car accident. Naoto falls into deep grief over the death of his wife. Meanwhile, Haruto buries his dead mother Miyuki's finger in their garden and prays everyday for her to...

    The Forbidden Play streaming ITA
  • 2023
    Deep Fear streaming

    Deep Fear (2023)

    Deep Fear


    A solo trip aboard a yacht takes a terrifying turn when a woman encounters three drug traffickers clinging to the shattered remains of a boat. They soon force her to dive into shark-infested waters to retrieve kilos of cocaine from the sunken wreck.

    Deep Fear streaming ITA
  • 2023
    Five Nights at Freddy's streaming

    Five Nights at Freddy's (2023)

    Five Nights at Freddy's


    Recently fired and desperate for work, a troubled young man named Mike agrees to take a position as a night security guard at an abandoned theme restaurant: Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. But he soon discovers that nothing at Freddy's is what it seems.

    Five Nights at Freddy's streaming ITA
  • 2022
    The Exorcism of Hannah Stevenson streaming

    The Exorcism of Hannah Stevenson (2022)

    The Exorcism of Hannah Stevenson


    Hannah and Matt, a young couple on their first holiday together, quickly discover that they may not see eye-to-eye. Feeling as though she let her boyfriend down, Hannah enlists the help of a mysterious gypsy woman, in the hope that the couple's troubles can be overcome. However, when Matt wakes to...

    The Exorcism of Hannah Stevenson streaming ITA
  • 2020
    The Return streaming

    The Return (2020)

    The Return


    After the death of his father, a brilliant college student returns to his family home where he learns that the horrors from his childhood aren't as dead and gone as he once thought.

    The Return streaming ITA
  • 2016
    Face of Evil streaming

    Face of Evil (2016)

    Face of Evil


    On July 4th, private Jay Williams returns home from the Middle East, but a mysterious epidemic breaks out and infects his friends at his party. On the road to salvation, Jay is joined by his ex-sergeant, who reveals chilling secrets leading to a conspiracy. The night has just begun, as they embark...

    Face of Evil streaming ITA
  • 2018
    West of Hell streaming

    West of Hell (2018)

    West of Hell


    A gunslinger, a vengeful ex-slave, and a runaway board a midnight train to Atlanta. They discover that the train is haunted by a sinister force, and must fight to survive the night.

    West of Hell streaming ITA
  • 2023
    Thanksgiving streaming

    Thanksgiving (2023)



    After a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes Plymouth, Massachusetts - the birthplace of the holiday. Picking off residents one by one, what begins as random revenge killings are soon revealed to be part of a larger, sinister holiday plan.

    Thanksgiving streaming ITA
  • 2023
    The Nun II streaming

    The Nun II (2023)

    The Nun II


    In 1956 France, a priest is violently murdered, and Sister Irene begins to investigate. She once again comes face-to-face with a powerful evil.

    The Nun II streaming ITA
  • 2022
    Good Boy streaming

    Good Boy (2022)

    Good Boy


    Christian - a millionaire heir, meets Sigrid - a young student, on a dating app. They hit it off quickly, but there's only one problem: Christian lives with Frank, a man who dresses up and constantly acts like a dog.

    Good Boy streaming ITA
  • 2022
    Witch Trials streaming

    Witch Trials (2022)

    Witch Trials


    Two documentary filmmakers and an ex-cop investigate the disappearance of a young girl that is rumored to have been abducted by a witch in the haunted woods of Connecticut.

    Witch Trials streaming ITA
  • 2018
    Haunting on Fraternity Row streaming

    Haunting on Fraternity Row (2018)

    Haunting on Fraternity Row


    A fraternity house throws their big "Winter Luau" party but when fraternity brothers and coeds begin dying horrible deaths they discover an evil entity has taken over the house.

    Haunting on Fraternity Row streaming ITA