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  • 2008
    We Are from the Future streaming

    We Are from the Future (2008)

    We Are from the Future


    Four present-day Russian men dig for Nazi memorabilia at a WWII battlefield. A wormhole lake sends them back to a battle in 1942 USSR.

    We Are from the Future streaming ITA
  • 2022
    Home Coming streaming

    Home Coming (2022)

    Home Coming


    Two members of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs are tasked with the evacuation of Chinese citizens when war breaks out in Numia, North Africa.

    Home Coming streaming ITA
  • 2015
    Field of Lost Shoes streaming

    Field of Lost Shoes (2015)

    Field of Lost Shoes


    A group of teenage cadets sheltered from war at the Virginia Military Institute must confront the horrors of an adult world when they are called upon to defend the Shenandoah Valley.

    Field of Lost Shoes streaming ITA
  • 2011
    Beyond the Border streaming

    Beyond the Border (2011)

    Beyond the Border


    December 1942. Two young soldiers leave their posts at checkpoint 83 in North Värmland, Sweden and make their way through the ice cold winter night towards the Nazi-occupied Norwegian border. Sweden stands on the brink of invasion and they want to see the enemy everybody's talking about. But the...

    Beyond the Border streaming ITA
  • 1943
    Journey into Fear streaming

    Journey into Fear (1943)

    Journey into Fear


    An American ballistics expert in Turkey finds himself targeted by Nazi agents. Safe passage home by ship is arranged for him, but he soon discovers that his pursuers are also on board.

    Journey into Fear streaming ITA
  • 1959
    Up Periscope streaming

    Up Periscope (1959)

    Up Periscope


    Lieutenant Braden discovers that Sally, the woman he's been falling in love with, has actually been checking out his qualifications to be a U.S. Navy frogman. He must put his personal life behind him after being assigned to be smuggled into a Japanese-held island via submarine to photograph radio...

    Up Periscope streaming ITA
  • 2024
    Irena's Vow streaming

    Irena's Vow (2024)

    Irena's Vow


    19 year old Irena Gut is promoted to housekeeper in the home of a highly respected Nazi officer in Poland when she finds out that the Jewish ghetto is about to be liquidated. Determined to help twelve Jewish workers, she decides to shelter them in the safest place she can think of – the basement...

    Irena's Vow streaming ITA
  • 1961
    Taxi for Tobruk streaming

    Taxi for Tobruk (1961)

    Taxi for Tobruk


    During World War II, French Commandos join forces with a German officer in order to survive the African desert.

    Taxi for Tobruk streaming ITA
  • 2015
    The Emperor in August streaming

    The Emperor in August (2015)

    The Emperor in August


    In July 1945, during the end of World War II, Japan is forced to accept the Potsdam Declaration. A cabinet meeting has continued through days and nights, but a decision cannot be made. The U.S. drops atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. General Korechika Anami is torn over...

    The Emperor in August streaming ITA
  • 1918
    Shoulder Arms streaming

    Shoulder Arms (1918)

    Shoulder Arms


    An American doughboy, stationed in France during the Great War, goes on a daring mission behind enemy lines and becomes a hero.

    Shoulder Arms streaming ITA
  • 2012
    Ghost Recon: Alpha streaming

    Ghost Recon: Alpha (2012)

    Ghost Recon: Alpha


    Ghost Recon: Alpha sees a team led by Ghost Leader infiltrate a trade at a Russian depot between a general and a mysterious other figure.

    Ghost Recon: Alpha streaming ITA
  • 2019
    Escape and Evasion streaming

    Escape and Evasion (2019)

    Escape and Evasion


    After his men are killed in Burma, a lone soldier returns home in search of solace. Hiding a dark secret and confronted by an unrelenting journalist, he's forced to face the ghosts of his past one last time.

    Escape and Evasion streaming ITA
  • 1967
    War and Peace, Part IV: Pierre Bezukhov streaming

    War and Peace, Part IV: Pierre Bezukhov (1967)

    War and Peace, Part IV: Pierre Bezukhov


    As Moscow is set ablaze by the retreating Russians, the Rostovs flee their estate, taking wounded soldiers with them, and unbeknownst to them, also Andrei. Pierre, dressed as a peasant, tries to assassinate Napoleon but is taken prisoner. As the French are forced to retreat, he is marched for...

    War and Peace, Part IV: Pierre Bezukhov streaming ITA
  • 1957
    The Guns of Fort Petticoat streaming

    The Guns of Fort Petticoat (1957)

    The Guns of Fort Petticoat


    Opposing his commanding officer's decision to attack a group of innocent Indians and wipe them out, Lt. Frank Hewitt leaves his post and heads home to Texas. He knows that the attack will send all of the tribes on the warpath and he wants to forewarn everyone. He gets a chilly reception back home...

    The Guns of Fort Petticoat streaming ITA
  • 1971
    Raid on Rommel streaming

    Raid on Rommel (1971)

    Raid on Rommel


    Captain Foster plans on raiding German-occupied Tobruk with hand- picked commandos, but a mixup leaves him with a medical unit led by a Quaker conscientious objector.

    Raid on Rommel streaming ITA
  • 2015
    Heneral Luna streaming

    Heneral Luna (2015)

    Heneral Luna


    A Filipino general who believes he can turn the tide of battle in the Philippine-American war. But little does he know that he faces a greatest threat to the country's revolution against the invading Americans.

    Heneral Luna streaming ITA
  • 1951
    Operation Pacific streaming

    Operation Pacific (1951)

    Operation Pacific


    During WWII, Duke E. Gifford is second in command of the USS Thunderfish, a submarine which is firing off torpedoes that either explode too early or never explode at all. It's a dilemma that he'll eventually take up personally. Even more personal is his quest to win back his ex-wife, a nurse; but...

    Operation Pacific streaming ITA
  • 2015
    The Long Way Home streaming

    The Long Way Home (2015)

    The Long Way Home


    Nam-bok, a middle-aged South Korean farmer is conscripted and assigned a mission to deliver a classified military document that may decide the fate of the war. After losing it while under attack from the enemy, he then faces a teenage North Korean soldier named Yeong-gwang who happens to acquire...

    The Long Way Home streaming ITA
  • 1982
    Space Runaway Ideon: Be Invoked streaming

    Space Runaway Ideon: Be Invoked (1982)

    Space Runaway Ideon: Be Invoked


    The epic conclusion to the Ideon saga, featuring what was meant to be the final 5 episodes of the TV series. The Solo Ship and its crew continue their intense battle with the Buff Clan leading to a final battle that will determine the fate of all life in the universe. This movie was the second...

    Space Runaway Ideon: Be Invoked streaming ITA
  • 2022
    Pawankhind streaming

    Pawankhind (2022)



    The historical rearguard last stand that took place on 13 July 1660 at a mountain pass in the vicinity of fort Vishalgad, near the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India between the Maratha Warrior Baji Prabhu Deshpande and Siddi Masud of Adilshah Sultanate, known as Battle of Pavan Khind.

    Pawankhind streaming ITA